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Building a long-term partnership with Geisinger Medical Center

In 2014, Silentia embarked on a project with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Geisinger Medical Center, in Danville, Pennsylvania, a top-ranked hospital in the nation and around the world. This initiative launched Silentia’s presence in the US and our longest standing hospital partnership to date.

Better protection for vulnerable patients

Geisinger’s NICU nursing team saw an opportunity to make a revolutionary improvement to patient and family care by replacing the privacy curtains and cloth screens in their department. They wanted a cleaner and safer privacy solution that would better protect some of the most vulnerable patients in the hospital. They soon discovered the Silentia Screen System and connected with our team to find out more about our screens and test them in the NICU.

“The field of daisies is my favorite. It can be dark and gloomy outside, but you can feel like you are sitting in a field of daisies.”

At the time, Silentia did not yet have local representation in the US so a team from Sweden came to the US to establish the relationship with Geisinger. Within a year, Silentia hired a US representative to deepen the relationship and provide ongoing customer care. Our team worked with Geisinger’s nurse manager, Jill G. Scheller, Inpatient Operations Manager, and Darlene Mensinger, Nursing Professional Development Generalist, to oversee the NICU project and later become major advocates of Silentia privacy screens.

Recalling how the relationship began, Mensinger said, “When our previous nurse manager inquired about the screens, Silentia let us keep them to decide if we wanted to purchase any. The nurses, including myself, just loved them.”

From the beginning, it was evident that not only were the screens easy to clean and use, but they could also provide a privacy option that could adapt to changing needs. As Mensinger described, “We have an open unit, no privacy, and the parents love the screens. They can wrap them around their bedside in a circle to get the retreat they want and require. They are very functional in various situations.”

Growing with the department

As time went on and the unit grew, Mensinger and her team were instrumental in transforming the look of the NICU department. They purchased Silentia PhotoPanels screens—privacy screens that feature large, picturesque imagery—which help improve the patient environment and experience by stimulating engagement and positivity within patients.

The NICU team found an opportunity to fund the project through a grant from the Children’s Miracle Network. This meant they would be able to bring in this innovative new solution to greatly impact delivery of care with little impact on the budget. They have continued to fund many of her unit’s screen purchases through this same program over the years.

“We have an open unit, no privacy, and the parents love the screens. They can wrap them around their bedside in a circle to get the retreat they want and require.”

Quality service critical to patient care

Just as important as providing a privacy solution is the ongoing customer service to support the solution. Our local account representative continues to support Geisinger in many ways, including regular check-ins, partnership reviews, and screen repairs and replacements.

Mensinger expressed her appreciation for the ongoing care they receive. “I have been involved in trialing the screens since the beginning. The customer service is outstanding!!! I love to see Carole’s smiling face. She is always very prompt and pleasant to work with when we have any questions or need any repairs,” says Mensinger. “Several years ago, we decided to do some minor renovation and purchase more screens. Carole came numerous times assisting us with measuring, placement, various options and installation.”

Geisinger continues to utilize the privacy screens they began using many years ago, proof of the long-term value of the Silentia Screen System. This showcases the quality of materials and production of our screens and shows that excellence must be reinforced by good customer service.

Since our relationship with Geisinger Medical Center began, Silentia screens have also been purchased for Labor and Delivery, Trauma ICU, and outpatient PT departments, and the Geisinger Wyoming Valley Henry Cancer Center. They use full color screens as well as screens with added design features, including PhotoPanels, hospital logos, and wayfinding signage.

Learn more about a partnership with Silentia and our promise to be with you all the way. Contact us for more information or to get a quote for privacy screens in your department.

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