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Semifix screens

The semifix screen provides endless flexibility to create privacy and optimal hygiene in defined spaces. It is wall-mounted with a stable wheelbase that can rotate 90°. The three-way connector allows the semifix screen to build in four different directions.

Build for large spaces

With no need for floor attachment, semifix screens create great flexibility for wide spaces between standing room walls. The screens can build out to long, stable walls. You can also combine them with our folding screens.

EasyClick™ for quick assembly

EasyClick makes it quick and easy to assemble and combine semifix screens. Attach the screen mount to a wall. Connect up to three additional panels to build in four different directions with the EasyClick three-point connector.

Flexible solutions

Semifix screens are available in all Silentia design solutions. Let the light in with Daylight screens, add some color or choose a customized design. Choose between three different heights and lengths for your screens. Create your custom medical privacy screen with semifix screens.

Silentia Semifix screen

Easy access for safe care

The wheelbase can be rotated 90° for increased stability or extra floor space. The wheels automatically lock in two different positions, perpendicular or parallel with the screen. The wheel suspension compensates for uneven floors.

Privacy and optimal hygiene

A privacy screen solution that solves problems with wide open spaces. The semifix screen easily combines with a folding screen. All parts are easy to clean directly on site. The smooth, hard surfaces are quickly and efficiently wiped clean.

Innovation made easy

Innovation made easy

The Silentia Screen System maximizes functionality and flexibility with products that are easy to use and compatible with each other. Our screens are created with a minimal design that is easier to keep clean than many other privacy products.



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