Mobile privacy screens - a flexible solution from Silentia

Mobile screens for patient care

When flexibility is required, a folding screen mounted on a trolley becomes a mobile privacy solution. Our patented trolley design takes up a minimal amount of space while providing maximum stability.

Simple and flexible

Our mobile solutions make it easy to create a temporary, freestanding screen for any care setting.

Simple and flexible

Space saving

Our mobile privacy screen has a stable wheelbase with wheels that are easy to keep clean and are designed to reduce the risk of tripping. A low profile design allows them to fit out of the way under cabinets and radiators.

Space saving

Endless possibilities

Mobile folding screens can be used independently or combined with any other screens, wall-mounted or mobile, for additional privacy.

Endless possibilities

Explore the options

EasyScreenDesign lets you visualize, create and combine our products. Click on the options below to explore the mobile folding screen examples for different care settings.

Mobile single

7 panels Color White

One of our most common folding screens with seven panels mounted on a trolley for maximum flexibility. Length 1.75 m (5'9''). Height 1.65 m (5'5'').

Mobile single

13 panels Daylight top Lime

Colorful mobile screen solution with a Daylight top to make the screen appear lower. Length 3.25 m (10'8"). Height 1.85 m (6'1'').

Mobile single

8 panels PhotoPanels Cherry blossom

Mobile folding screen that covers a bed length. Studies show that beautiful images can reduce stress and anxiety in patients. Length 2.0 m (6'7"). Height 1.85 m (6'1'').

Create your own solution

Try different products, installations, colors, and images in different heights, lengths, and combinations.


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A complete, easy to install system. Our philosophy is based on simplicity, security, and quality. From introduction to delivery and installation.

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