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Infection control

Infection control is at the forefront of healthcare. Patients depend on hospitals to deliver the highest level of infection prevention for their safety. Discover our approach to infection control and cleanliness.

Why infection control matters

The CDC says HAIs affect 1 in 25 US patients and cost hospitals up to $45 billion (appox. 38 billion euro), annually. Evidence shows bacteria can transfer from equipment to patients. This calls for products that support better infection control.

Reduce the spread of infection

Safe privacy

The hard, smooth surfaces of our screens allow you to quickly sanitize them in the room between patients, contributing to a cleaner environment and minimal workflow disruptions.

Keep it Clean

Keep it Clean is Silentia’s universal guiding principle that informs everything we do. When it comes to infection control, it represents the development of products that are easy to clean and keep clean.

Patient safety

Create your own screen solution


Only one contact point


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