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Room dividers with countless combinations

Silentia room dividers with countless combinations

Patients are often in uncomfortable and vulnerable situations, and the privacy room divider screen should meet their needs. We help you create safe patient environments and room dividers with a priority on hygiene and bacterial prevention. Silentia’s privacy screens are easy to use, combine and move around. A far more safe and hygienic solution than a room divider curtain.

Room divider curtains are a source of infection

You might still use curtains, draperies, or disposable curtains as room divider in hospitals. However, there are obvious risks with room divider curtains because they cannot be easily cleaned or changed between each patient. It is a well-known fact that room divider curtains are a major source of infection for both staff and patients. Even if the curtains are washed often, it does not help much because they will soon be contaminated with infectious bacteria again.

Temporary or permanent room divider screens?

With mobile screens you can create a perfect private area for patients even in acute situations where a temporary room divider screen is necessary. For more permanent settings our fixed screens are ideal for a permanent and still flexible privacy setting. EasyClick™ makes it quick and easy to install or change the room back to its previous look.

Silentia flexible solutions for room dividers in healthcare settings

A flexible solution for room dividers in healthcare settings

Our mobile solutions make it easy and fast to create a temporary, freestanding screen for other care settings. Plus, the wall-mounted folding screens can easily be clicked off the wall and onto a trolley for mobile use.

Patients who need calm and no disturbances will benefit from tall screens that go all around the bed. Patients in an open ward need room divider screens between beds, and with a height that lets the staff see the patient when passing. Silentia’s screens have the unique ability to preserve patient privacy while still allowing staff proper accessibility to the patient.

Wide range of possibilities

A fixed screen between beds can be combined with an attached folding screen at the end of the bed. This way it is possible to build up a bed hall with room dividers for all patients.

Our screen system


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