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Privacy screens – a safe and alternative solution to curtains

Silentia privacy screens – a safe and alternative solution to curtains

A safe and hygienic environment around the patient is extremely important. Silentia’s privacy screen system has the unique ability to be instantly cleaned without being moved or requiring additional labor. The protective screen has a hard and smooth surface that withstands all disinfectants used in healthcare settings.

Silentia privacy folding screens reduce spread of infection

Privacy folding screens reduce spread of infection

Several studies show that privacy curtains between patients carry large numbers of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. When staff touch the privacy curtains or disposable curtains, they risk transferring these bacteria to other patients. Even if the curtains are washed or changed regularly, it does not help a great deal as they quickly become contaminated with infectious bacteria again.

Infection control

Screens for increased hygiene and patient safety

Almost every tenth hospital bed is occupied by a patient with a healthcare-associated infection. In addition to suffering for the patient, it burdens healthcare with high costs. This shows how important it is to use a hygienic medical privacy screen that is easy to clean on a daily basis. A ward screen or medical screen are handled many times each day by staff, patients, and relatives, but many people are unaware that they are a source of infection. Every time that staff attend to a patient and pull the curtains in and out, they get bacteria on their hands and risk transferring these bacteria to other patients. Providing hygienic patient privacy screens is therefore a vital step in the battle against hospital infections.

Hospital screens – a strategic solution to control infections

Hygienic privacy screens can be cleaned every day and spot-cleaned if they get stains. It is an effective solution to increase a daily, frequent cleaning routine without extra cost. It is also the most effective solution, financially and hygienically. A long-term investment in safe patient privacy and less bacterial outbreaks.

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