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Medical curtains

Medical curtains

A safe and hygienic environment around the patient is extremely important in healthcare. However, contact hygiene is often a neglected subject in most hospital settings. Various disease-associated bacteria are transferred from medical curtains to patients every time they touch the curtains, the privacy curtains are quickly contaminated with infectious bacteria.

Are you aware of transmission of bacteria?

Medical curtains for patient privacy have shown to be a source of harboring antibiotic-resistant bacteria. More and more hospitals and clinics are replacing all privacy curtains in healthcare settings with hygienic folding screens to prevent the spread of microorganisms.

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Hygiene is a strategic choice

Investment in hygienic patient screening must be weighed against the many disadvantages and high costs of frequently washing and replacing patient privacy curtains. Folding screens are the most effective long-term solution, financially and hygienically. To prevent the spread of infections it is important that all equipment, materials, and fittings have smooth, flat surfaces that are easy to clean and disinfect

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Hygienic folding screens help prevent hospital infections

Several studies show that patient privacy curtains carry large numbers of bacteria. When staff touch the medical curtains, they risk transferring these bacteria to other patients. Even if the curtains are washed or changed regularly, it does not help a great deal as they quickly become contaminated with infectious bacteria again.

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