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Hospital curtains – do you dare touch them?

Hospital curtains – do you dare touch them?

Hospital curtains and hospital drapes are used as a private enclosure for one or more patients. However, privacy curtains and drapes carry large numbers of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. When staff or patients touch the privacy curtains or cubicle curtains, they risk transferring these bacteria to other patients.

Curtains carry on bacteria to the next patient

Although new patients are given clean bed linen and clean beds, the privacy curtains are not taken down and replaced with a clean curtain. So, when new patients take over the previous patients’ hospital drapes, they are also at risk of inheriting their bacteria, because the curtains hide many infectious bacteria.

Silentia hygienic alternatives to cubicle curtains

Are there any hygienic alternatives to cubicle curtains?

A safe and hygienic environment around the patient is extremely important. Silentia’s folding screen system has the unique ability to be cleaned instantly without being moved or requiring additional labor. It is a hygienic alternative to hospital drapes. The screens’ hard and smooth surfaces withstand all disinfectants used in healthcare settings.


Privacy screens reduces spread of infection

Several studies show that even if the privacy curtains in hospitals are washed or changed regularly, it does not help a great deal as they quickly become contaminated with infectious bacteria again.

Designed for patient safety

Silentia’s screen system is the leading alternative to hospital curtains when it comes to flexible and user-friendly privacy solutions. The screens are developed for healthcare environments worldwide, and the EasyCare functions are designed for easy disinfection, and patient safety. Hospital screens with hard and smooth surfaces can be cleaned every day which is an effective way to avoid hospital infections.

Avoid spreading infections

Infection control
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Long-term value

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