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9 essential Silentia resources for architects and designers

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Healthcare architects and designers are tasked with creating environments that enable the delivery of high-quality healthcare services. Good healthcare design considers the many important facets of care and the patient experience, such as patient comfort, staff efficiency, safety, aesthetics, and technological advancements.

To achieve good design, architects and designers rely on the support of product suppliers who share a deep understanding of the care environment and possess the advanced tools, capabilities, and expertise to help develop a successful project.

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When it comes to patient privacy, Silentia stands out as the leading provider of privacy products and solutions. Our extensive knowledge of healthcare spaces, including the demands of patient care and how to address them, coupled with our innovative system, which prioritizes cleanliness, functionality, and sustainability, makes us a valuable partner.

For decades, we have worked with design teams around the world to develop privacy solutions for full-scale construction projects, renovated spaces, and retrofit solutions. As a result of this extensive experience, we have developed helpful tools and resources for efficient collaboration and implementation of privacy solutions.

Here are nine essentials we have gathered to help architects and designers understand the Silentia screen system, gain inspiration and design ideas, explore customization capabilities, and implement effective solutions.

Silentia case stories

1. Case Stories

Our extensive collection of case stories explores the details of Silentia projects from hospitals around the world. Delve into our deep history, including large-scale construction projects and renovated spaces, and an inside look at how we collaborate with architects, designers, and project managers.

Gødstrup Hospital – New hospital construction project example
Community Memorial Hospital – New department project example

Silentia project blog posts

2. Project examples by department

If you need inspiration for implementing the Silentia screen system for a specific department or treatment area, visit our blog for compilations of projects by department.

Neonatal department projects
Emergency department projects
Perioperative department projects

Silentia privacy screen products

3. Detailed product pages

Comprehensive product pages offer descriptions, specs, features, use cases, and pre-made designs for each product. If you need even more details, download our complete product brochure from any page or click here.

Silentia PhotoPanels

4. Customizable screen designs

PhotoPanels are the premium designed panels available in our system. Choose from our catalog of preselected photos or use your custom designs to match the desired aesthetic of your healthcare space.

Silentia EasyScreenDesign

5. EasyScreenDesign

EasyScreenDesign is Silentia’s proprietary virtual product configurator and design tool. It gives architects and designers full access to explore all of our products and develop custom solutions, then share and request a quote for a design directly from the platform.

Silentia EasyScreenDesign design inspiration

6. Pre-made EasyScreenDesign solutions

Get a head start on your vision. If you don’t want to start designing with a blank slate, we’ve got you covered with almost 30 pre-made EasyScreenDesign solutions. Sort by product and design options to find your favorite, then click to start customizing it in the EasyScreenDesign product configurator.

Silentia BIMobject profile

7. BIM objects from Silentia

Silentia’s BIMobject profile serves as a valuable resource for architects to access a comprehensive library of BIM and other design content for all of Silentia’s products, components, and accessories.

Silentia CAD design

8. CAD support capabilities

With full CAD capabilities, our team of engineers and designers can work with building blueprints and floorplans, functioning as an additional technical arm to your team. Connect with our team to find out more.

Silentia product installation videos

9. Installation videos

Understanding how to install a Silentia screen can offer valuable insight into the planning process and setting expectations with care teams. Visit our Installation page for a complete library of videos that show how each type of screen and mounting option should be installed.

Silentia product fact sheets teaser

10. Product fact sheets

Coming soon! Silentia is developing a library of detailed Product Fact Sheets for all Silentia products. Useful resources for architects, planners, designers, and facilities managers, each fact sheet will provide comprehensive product information, including specifications, materials profiles, instructions for care and maintenance, certifications, and design options. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated!


A cooperative relationship between architects and designers and suppliers enhances the process of developing new healthcare environments. This collaboration sets the groundwork for more efficient and more sustainable project outcomes, therefore, creating a platform for better patient care.

At Silentia, we embrace every opportunity to work with architects and designers to push forward the field of healthcare design. If you would like to learn more about any of these resources or see what we’re working on, connect with our team.

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