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Resource-efficient patient privacy for new “super hospital”

Godstrup Hospital patient area aisleway sustainable patient privacy

Silentia helped the team at Gødstrup Hospital ensure that patient privacy at the new facility was hygienic, financially responsible, and environmentally friendly.

To prepare its healthcare sector for the future, Denmark is building six state-of-the-art “super hospitals” that will replace current smaller hospitals in their respective regions. The core idea behind Denmark’s “super hospitals” is to treat patients at the lowest possible cost while improving the quality of patient care.

While Denmark is building a total of six new “super hospitals,” Gødstrup is the second fully operational hospital.

    • 140 new admissions per day and 330 inpatients at the same time
    • 1500 outpatient visits on an average weekday
    • 400 diagnostic examinations on a regular weekday
    • 3,500 employees
    • 409 beds
Godstrup hospital



Photo: Bird’s-eye view of Gødstrup Hospital in the late stages of construction.

A collaborative screen recycling effort

When Silentia was approached by the project team at Gødstrup Super Hospital, it was decided that the folding privacy screens at the old, smaller hospitals would be reused at the new hospital.

“The project must be sustainable and economical, where we recycle as much as possible”, said lead coordinator Bente Fjordside. “It is an important task, and I can really feel that there is a great awareness among the employees that we do not throw away well-functioning equipment.”

Silentia registered, repaired, moved, and re-installed 100+ screens from the old hospitals. Doing so yielded major cost savings and upwards of 1.6 tons of materials.

Gødstrup Hospital construction team



Photo: The Silentia and Gødstrup Hospital teams inspect the delivery of hundreds of screens ready to be installed.

What made it possible?

30 years of product development and over 250,000 screens delivered worldwide makes Silentia the world’s leading hygienic alternative to privacy curtains. Along the way, Silentia has refined our ability to lead and deliver screens to big projects, making it a seamless experience for the customer.

Realizing the vision for the entirety of the Gødstrup Hospital project was made possible by a few important features and capabilities of the Silentia screen system.

Product passport

A digital product passport (GS-1 code) is fitted to each screen to ensure we can track and store information about the screen and its location. At Gødstrup, this allowed us to register, service, and plan screens moving from Herning and Holsterbro to the new Gødstrup Hospital.

Silentia product passport



Photo: Every Silentia screen is outfitted with a custom product passport label containing complete the product information.


Our screens are equipped with EasyClick so that they can be easily moved, combined, and reconfigured to adjust to the changing needs of the care environment.

Wall and rail mounted privacy screens



Photo: The wall and medical rail screen mounts were put in place prior to the arrival of screens, ensuring a more efficient installation of the screens.


A simple yet effective design with modular parts allows for easy maintenance locally to save resources.

Proven lifetime

Some of the screens that Silentia serviced and moved to Gødstrup were 5+ years old. With a proven lifetime 10+ years, we are confident that the reused screens will last for many years to come.

“We got really good service from Silentia right from the start. Henrik, our Silentia contact, is very responsive to what we need and is good at involving the clinics to get to know their tasks, so we can create new solutions that we might not have come up with ourselves,” says Bente Fjordside.”

A curtain free “super hospital”

In total, Silentia has delivered and installed 500+ screens at Gødstrup Hospital. The screens are used in every department, from large post-operative rooms to consultation rooms. By going curtain free, the project ensures hygienic and future-proof patient privacy throughout the modern facility.

Most of the almost 400 new screens were produced with a custom hygiene logo as a friendly reminder to the personnel to disinfect before visiting a new patient.

Silentia privacy screens with printed hygiene label



Photo: Many of the new privacy screens installed feature a visual reminder for staff, patients, and visitors to enter the patient area with clean hands.

Want to learn more about how we approach sustainability? Connect with our sustainability specialist for more information.

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