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Semifix privacy screens redefine hygienic patient care at Friheden Dermatology Clinic

Silentia semifix screens at Friheden dermatology clinic

The Friheden Dermatology Clinic in Hvidovre, Denmark, has approximately 100 patients visit the clinic daily, which means maintaining high hygiene standards is crucial. Medical specialists at the clinic, Morten Bogh and Ada Uldahl provide insight into their clinic and the process for converting to patient privacy with Silentia’s Semifix screens.


Friheden Dermatology Clinic had fabric curtains in the treatment rooms between patients, however, due to the risk of infection after COVID-19, a more hygienic solution was required. Morten Bogh, a medical specialist at the clinic, first discovered Silentia’s folding screens at a hospital and proceeded to purchase a screen for the clinic. Subsequently, upon seeing the hygiene benefits, the clinic decided to replace all fabric curtains with Silentia privacy screens.

“We chose the Semifix system, which can be installed in various ways. We now have a hygienic and easy-to-clean solution. The new screens are positioned to match our existing room layout, giving it a more modern and professional look,” says Morten Bogh.




Curtains were being used for privacy in patient areas of the clinic.

Cubicle curtain at Friheden Dermatology Clinic 1




A closeup of the curtain and track system that was in place.

Cubicle curtain at Friheden Dermatology Clinic 2




A semi-permanent, opaque privacy barrier was being used between patients.

Friheden Dermatology Clinic old screens 1




Many clinics may not have the time or space for a major renovation requiring closure. Silentia is ready to assist with the quick removal of existing privacy and installation of our screens.

Friheden Dermatology Clinic old screens 2

Positive feedback on the new interior design

Ada Uldahl, another medical specialist at the clinic, expresses her satisfaction with the new interior design solution. “I have nothing but praise for Silentia for the great solution and a good experience,” she says. “I’m looking forward to getting the last details in place, such as a lamp, holders for hand sanitizers, wet wipes, gloves, and other extra equipment. This will help ensure that we can easily sanitize and wipe down surfaces during the day at the clinic.”

“It is an extra advantage that the screens are flexible and easy to move, and it is nice to know that we can change the setup if we want to rearrange something later on,” she adds. Uldahl is particularly pleased that the staff no longer have to wash and handle cubicle curtains.




The new solution with Semifix screens, there are hygienic privacy screens between patients. The simple, transparent Semifix screens allow daylight to enter the entire room, making it bright and friendly for patients.

Silentia semifix screens at Friheden dermatology clinic




Semifix screens can be moved and folded to accomodate changing needs for the patient area.

Friheden semifix 2




A fully closed semifix screen can sit nearly flush to the wall.

Friheden semifix 3




Textile privacy curtains are replaced by wall-mounted folding screens.

Friheden folding screen 1

Easy to clean on-the-spot

Every day, up to 100 patients pass through Friheden Dermatology Clinic. The specialist clinic treats patients who are referred by their general practitioner, and it comprises two medical specialist doctors, two nurses, and two secretaries. The new screens with hard, smooth surfaces improve efficiency by contributing to simpler and easier cleaning routines and the ability to clean the screens on the spot in the treatment rooms between patients during the day.


Semifix offers full flexibility

Semifix screens have a stable wheelbase that can rotate 90 degrees and panels that can be easily folded or disconnected and removed with the patented EasyClick connection. Three-way joints make it easy to combine the screens in many ways.




Semifix screens are equipped with wheel sets that can rotate for full stability.

Silentia semifix wheels




The three-way connector on semifix screens allows for the additional connection of semifix or folding screens.

Silentia semifix three-way connector




Top-view of the three-way connector with folding screen attached.

Silentia semifix and folding screens




Silentia’s PPE holder attaches to the semifix screens and can hold hand sanitizer, gloves, and other hygiene necessities.

Silentia PPE holder




Silentia screens are equipped with a single touch-point handle for easy maneuverability and to limit handling.

Silentia folding screen handle

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