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Silentia launches new products at MEDICA 2022

Silentia exhibit booth at MEDICA 2022

Silentia proudly participated as an exhibitor at the 2022 MEDICA expo in Düsseldorf, Germany, earlier this month. MEDICA is the world’s premier medical trade show for technology and innovation in modern outpatient and clinical care, and it’s one of the largest healthcare industry trade shows around the world with over 81,000 attendees and 5,000 exhibitors at this year’s event.

Customer and distributor engagement

After a two-year hiatus, there was palpable excitement at this year’s event as attendees were eager for opportunities to explore new technologies and innovations, share knowledge, and connect in person once again with professionals from across the healthcare industry.

Our Silentia team was excited to re-engage with our customers and network of distributors after the challenges of trying to do so over the last couple of years. We also looked forward to connecting with new individuals who share our vision for modern patient privacy solutions.

Given the size and scope of MEDICA, we wanted to take this opportunity to share the growth and development Silentia has experienced as a company over the last few years. We wanted to highlight the our shifting focus from being product-oriented to system-oriented to solution-oriented. This vision for how we can help our customers address their privacy challenges was part of many conversations throughout the week and was reinforced by the experience attendees had when stepping into our booth.

A space created for connection

The large, open format and clean, stylish design of our booth created an inviting atmosphere that encouraged visitors to step into our space and engage with our team. There was ample space to display several of our screen designs and allow visitors to get hands-on with our products. After all, there is no better way to understand how our screens are easy to use and can address the challenges of modern patient care than to try them.

The quality and value of our products experienced in these interactions was reinforced by other media available in the booth. Displayed on the wall were large-format videos detailing how our products are designed, developed, and used by health care teams, and other printed materials were available as take-aways for interested visitors.

New product launches

MEDICA is an iconic setting for launching new products into the market and this year was no exception. For the first time, we were able to share with our customers and distributors two new products that have been in development for the past couple of years: Semifix and PPE holder.

Semifix is our endlessly flexible solution that combines extension and folding screens to create defined private spaces where none exists. Designed to address privacy, hygiene, and capacity planning all at one, this new solution offers a way to quickly scale up the level of privacy and the number of private areas a healthcare team may need. Booth visitors exploring the Semifix solution for the first time noted the Lego-like capabilities of the solution to be combined and changed easily depending upon the desired level of privacy and protection, at any given moment.

Silentia Semifix screen

Our PPE holder is a screen accessory designed to provide quick, easy access to hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, and any other PPE materials when working with patients. This attachment easily clicks on to any Silentia screen and gives staff or patients the safety and comfort of protection at arm’s length when entering a patient area, working alongside a patient, or interacting with family members. (The official release of the PPE holder is slated for January 2023—stay tuned!)

Silentia PPE holder attachment

Momentum for the future of privacy

The positive reception of our new product solutions at MEDICA is evidence that there is a desire and need for safer patient privacy that practically addresses the challenges today’s health care teams face. In fact, many attendees noted that our system continues to get more complete as health care teams continue to have more of a need for our solutions.

MEDICA was an important opportunity to continue the conversation around improving patient care by providing cleaner, safer solutions. While it was a valuable experience for our team, nothing compares to the value of working alongside healthcare teams in hospitals and clinics around the world.

Connect with our team today and let’s work together toward the future of patient privacy.

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