Medical room dividers – create your own solution

Silentia medical room dividers – create your own solution

Medical room dividers are useful in separating a room into individual areas. For example, with the Silentia Screen System, you can use our mobile free-standing screen or fixed screen. It can be made in a variety of designs. Most important is that the medical room divider has a hard and smooth surface that is easy to clean instantly and withstands all disinfectants. Because a safe and hygienic environment around the patient is extremely important.

Simplicity as a product principle

It has to be easy to screen off patients when they need privacy or simply want time to themselves. It also has to be easy to set up medical room dividers and change things around and expand the system. With the Silentia Screen System all components are designed to be compatible with each other.

Silentia medical room dividers fixed screens or mobile

Fixed screens or mobile

You can easily create a room within a room. Silentia’s fixed privacy screens are the perfect medical room dividers. They can be attached to both wall and floor poles. The EasyClick™ concept makes removing and re-installing easy with just one click. A wall-mounted screen can be mounted on a trolley for a mobile room divider or to any other Silentia component. All screens are equipped with the EasyClick function making mobility one click away.

Permanent or temporary?

Fixed screens can easily be moved and used for creating changing cabins and other types of rooms in the room. It is a flexible screening – and without making costly alterations to walls.

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