Colors for your inspiration

Colors can bring life into any patient care setting.

A colorful palette

Choose from our wide range of available colors. Select a color and the screen will change so you can see what it could look like in your specific care environment.

More design suggestions

We have selected some popular screens in different colors. Click the image to go to this option or create your own directly in EasyScreenDesign.

Mobile double

2 x 9 panels Color Birch

A mobile double screen in light birch. Two screens on a trolley. Can be used in an L- or U-shape. Length 2 x 2.25 m (2 x 7'5''). Height 1.65 m (5'5'').

Mobile single

13 panels Daylight top Lime

Colorful mobile screen solution with a Daylight top to make the screen appear lower. Length 3.25 m (10'8"). Height 1.85 m (6'1'').

Mobile double

2 x 15 panels Daylight duo Forest

The large mobile double screen gives the patient a safe "room". It provides flexibility and, is easy to disinfect and fold. Takes up little space. Length 2 x 3.75 m (2 x 12'4"). Height 1.45 m (4'9").

Design your own screen

Experiment with screen solutions, colors, and designs. When you are ready, it is easy to send us a quote request.


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