Shower wall panels – caring for patients’ integrity

Silentia shower wall panels – caring for patients’ integrity

When patients need a shower, it can be a situation where they feel nervous or exposed. A caring way to help with showering and personal hygiene is to make sure, that it is both safe and hygienic. It is also very important to provide a proper privacy shower screen, that shields efficiently so the patient doesn’t feel exposed. Also, it is important that the shower panels prevent the caregiver from getting wet.

Silentia shower wall panels for safe patient environment

A safe patient environment

Hygiene is especially important in intensive care units where patients are exposed to infections. At Silentia we help you create safe patient environments with a priority on hygiene and bacterial prevention. First and foremost, shower screens are a hygienic solution. The screen’s smooth surface is easy to clean and dry of after use.


Hygienic screens safer than shower curtains

The shower screen is easy to use and a far more safe and hygienic solution than shower curtains that are difficult to clean. The shower screen withstands water and disinfection products. In addition to the hygienic benefits, the screen is also more practical than shower curtains, because it is easy to fold after use and does not fill the room.

Easy to handle

Silentia’s shower panels are easy to use, combine and move around. The wall-mounted shower panels can simply be folded back to the wall when not in use. Silentia’s shower panels are available in three different lengths and heights and can be combined in many ways. The wheels have a spring suspension providing smooth handling on uneven shower area floors.

Shower wall panels with clever details

Silentia’s shower screens are resistant to water and disinfectants and are easy to wipe off. Designed so that water does not collect in joints, hinges, and wheels. The shower screen easily folds back to the wall when not in use.

Patient privacy

The shower screen is a caring way to help with showering and hair washing. These are privacy situations where the patient often feels vulnerable and exposed. At the same time, the caregiver avoids getting wet.

Easily removed when not in use

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Long-term value

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