PPE holder

Accessible infection control

Keep your PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) products close at hand with our PPE holder. It gives you easy access to your hand sanitizer, gloves, wet wipes, and other products. The PPE holder mounts onto Silentia screens by hand without the need for tools. Attach PPE dispensers with accessory clamps that easily can be slid along the holder to the preferred position.

PPE holder 1 on a Bed end screen

PPE holder 2 on a Folding screen

PPE holder 3 on a Semifix screen

Two PPE holder 3 on a Fixed screen combined with medical rail

PPE holder 1

Compatible with: Bed end screen, Mobile single
Max load 4 kg per screen (9 lbs)

One size fits all. 06580

PPE holder 2

Compatible with: Folding screen
Max load 1 kg per screen (2 lbs)

Height 1.45 m (4’9”), 06584
Height 1.65 m (5’5”), 06585
Height 1.85 m (6’1”), 06586

PPE holder 3

Compatible with: Fixed screen and Semifix
Max load 6 kg per screen (13 lbs)

Height 1.45 m (4’9”), 06581
Height 1.65 m (5’5”), 06582
Height 1.85 m (6’1”), 06583

PPE holder accessories

PPE products are attached to the holder with accessory clamps, making it easy to swap or move products. The clamps can easily slide along the holder to the preferred position.

PPE accessory clamp

Enables PPE products to be attached to the holder. 06590

A. Inner measurements
Depth 5 mm (0.19”)
Width 30 mm (1.18”)

B. The knob turns to lock the position.

PPE accessory clamps are ordered separately

PPE adapter plate

Enables any custom PPE product to be attached to the accessory clamp.
(Requires accessory clamp.) 06591

A. Attachment area for PPE products
B. Attachment holes (Mounting bolts included)

PPE adapter plates are ordered separately.

PPE accessory clamp attached on a PPE holder 1 to a Mobile single

PPE products sit firmly on the accessory clamp.

Instructions for use

Instructions for installation, operation, cleaning, and maintenance.

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