Patient safety

Silentia provides better conditions for a clean environment around the patient. The screens are easy to clean instantly and to incorporate in the daily cleaning routines.

More important than ever

Safe patient environments have never been more important than today. For 30 years, our mission has been to offer the best possible hygiene around patients and staff. Through flexible, user-friendly products, and close customer relationships we contribute with innovative solutions.

A clean patient environment

The pandemic has made it clear how crucial infection control is to protect patients and healthcare professionals from spread of infection. Silentia’s folding screens withstand the disinfectants used in healthcare.

Increased hygiene for patient safety

Almost every tenth hospital bed is occupied by a patient with a healthcare-associated infection. In addition to suffering for the patient, it burdens healthcare with high costs. This shows how important it is to use a hygienic hospital privacy screen that is easy to clean on a daily basis.


Patient safety is also about a calming and safe environment. Studies show that images and colors can have a positive effect on people by relieving stress and worries.


A safe care environment

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Long-term investment

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