Let daylight flood in with Daylight, frosted plastic brings elegant new solutions

Let daylight flood in with Silentia Daylight Top folding screens.

Silentia’s folding screens have been on the market since 1989 and are supplied in two standard heights and many different lengths and colours. The product range is continuously being extended and now forms a complete system that is used all over the world.

Complete privacy

Silentia’s folding screens and fixed screens are now also available in a frosted version that we call Daylight. Daylight lets in more light than the standard coloured panels, while still giving complete privacy. The Daylight range includes screens with frosted panels and screens with combinations of frosted and coloured panels.

Silentia Daylight Top folding screen, an elegant combination of coloured and frosted panels.

Daylight Top and Daylight Duo

Daylight Top means that the top section of the screen is frosted, while the rest is colou­red, so the screen appears lower. A Daylight Duo folding screen has frosted sections in pairs, while a Daylight Duo fixed screen has only the outermost or innermost half of the screen in a frosted finish. In the case of Daylight Top Duo, the top section is frosted along half the length of the screen, while the rest is coloured.

Silentia folding screen entirely in Daylight frosted plastic.

Daylight for folding screens and fixed screens

Folding screens with only frosted panels are available in several lengths up to 2.75 m. Daylight Top and Daylight Duo are offered in lengths of up to 3.75 m. Fixed screens are available in two lengths: 1.3 m and 2.4 m. The shorter screen is available with all frosted panels and as Daylight Top, with just the top section frosted. The longer screen is also available as Daylight Duo and Daylight Top Duo.

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