A flexible system with a wide choice of mounting options, can be mounted directly on the wall, or with spacers

Silentia folding screen mounted directly on a wall using a wall mounting.

Silentia folding screens are available in two standard heights and in many different lengths and colours. In standard configuration the screen is mounted directly on the wall using the supplied wall mounting. If this is not possible due to a wall panel, hoses, cables or the like, the wall mounting can be mounted on spacers to move it a short distance out from the wall. Spacers are available in fixed lengths or adjustable in length.

Mounting with clamp on wall rail

If a wall rail is already fitted to the wall, the wall mounting can be attached to this instead using wall rail clamps.

When a screen is mounted on wall rail clamps it can easily be moved sideways by releasing the screws and sliding it along the rail. If there is just one wall rail, a wall rail clamp can be combined with a floor support for a more secure mounting.

Screens can also be mounted easily on wall rails using Silentia wall rail clamps. • A spacer provides clearance for a wall panel, hoses or cables. • Mounted on a pole that is screwed to the floor. The EasyClick system allows screens to be removed easily for cleaning or transferring to another type of mounting.

Mounting directly on floor poles

Silentia screens can also be mounted on floor poles that are screwed to the floor. This is a good alternative if there is no nearby wall or if there is a window in the wall where you want to place the screen.

Ability to switch mounting types

If it is necessary to move a screen from a wall mounting to a floor pole this is an easy task. Just undo a screw, then simply remove the screen from the wall mounting and transfer it to the floor pole. It is also possible to swap two screens of different colours and lengths, as long as they are the same height.

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