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ArtPanels™ – the peace of nature

Nature provides tranquility. Research shows that art with images of nature and animal life has a positive effect on hospital patients’ recovery.

Slow down and relax

Slow down and relax

“The green soothing colors should inspire people to relax and just be in the moment. To slow down, get well and let things take their time. People often feel calm and safe when looking at cows, surely because they are such restful and gentle animals. That’s why my motifs capture cows and nature. It was an exciting challenge to work with the tall, narrow format. I have placed the horizon at the very top, so the viewer’s eyes follow the lines in the landscape and upwards to the sky.”

Magnus Reisne • Swedish landscape artist. The artist behind ArtPanels

Inspiring art

The bright colored ArtPanels are designed to give hospital patients a stress-reducing effect by letting them focus on something positive. Click a design to see what it could look like in your care environment.

More ideas and examples

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Mobile bed end

3 panels ArtPanels All

Mobile bed end screen with all six ArtPanels landscape motifs for a stress-reducing effect. Length 1.5 m (4'11''). Height 1.55 m (5'1'').


6 panels ArtPanels Returning

Folding screen with artistic ArtPanels on the front provide a good viewing distance. Length 1.5 m (4'11''). Height 1.45 m (4'9'').

Mobile double

2 x 7 panels ArtPanels Grazing

A temporary setup with mobile double screen and ArtPanels provides privacy and stimulating art. Length 2 x 1.75 m (5'9''). Height 1.45 m (4'9'').

Discover the hills and fields

Six motifs in harmonious colors. The water-based oil paintings’ bright and transparent feel is underlined by our translucent Silentia Daylight Screen where daylight flows through and brings life to the picture.

ArtPanels Returning


Going home. Milking time. Follow the safe path back home

ArtPanels Waiting


Gathering and waiting at the gate. In life we also wait, try to just relax while waiting.

ArtPanels Grazing


Cows graze, get fresh air and move around. Basic needs for a strong and healthy life.

ArtPanels Observing


Big brown eyes are signs of a harmonious cow looking at you – I see you. You exist.

ArtPanels Ploughing


Nature and technology work together. New lines are formed as the plough cuts through the landscape.

ArtPanels harvesting


Nature’s reward for patience and work. When we sow a small seed, we harvest its fruits later. In nature as in life.

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