With you all the way

With Silentia, you have a committed long-term partner. “With you all the way” is our promise to continuously engage with you, evaluate your needs, and provide the best support through ongoing care.


Connecting with us is the first step of our partnership. Understand how we work and how our products support a shared vision for better patient care.


As your patient care needs change and evolve over time. We continue to provide the latest industry news and product innovations to help you make the most informed decisions for your patients.

Design solution

In the design phase, we evaluate your situation to form a better picture of your specific need. Then, we explore design options and build a solution uniquely fit for your department.

Patient environment

Get deeper insight into your design and how it will improve privacy and infection control. Identify custom elements—installation type, sizes, color and imagery—proven to enhance the patient experience.


When you invest in Silentia privacy screens, we become your support system by establishing a long-term partnership. We are with you all the way.

Added value

We remain committed to adding value and supporting your long-term vision for improved infection prevention and patient care.


We aim to provide you and your patients the highest level of care, from regular follow ups and maintenance to finding sustainable uses of our products in a changing patient care environment.

Care for patients

We give you the tools to improve patient recovery and wellbeing by providing solutions for privacy and infection control.

Care for staff

We strive to improve healthcare staff workflows and ability to deliver care with flexible, ergonomic, easy to clean products.

Care for the environment

Eliminate privacy curtains to reduce disposable materials, waste and overused resources. Silentia offers a long-term sustainable solution with privacy screens that have a technical lifetime of at least 10 years.

We stand by you

When you invest in our product, we invest in you. As our partner, you can trust that we work diligently to find the best solution for you. That’s what we mean by ‘with you all the way’.

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