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The perfect solution for bringing light and better oversight to the recovery room

“Our new recovery area with folding screens from Silentia works well for both patients and staff. It is easy to clean the screens with wet wipes, between patients, to ensure high hygiene,” says Monica Everdam, nurse and head of the recovery ward at Aleris Hospital, in Ringsted, Denmark.

Folding screens are a great solution – even in small spaces

The staff had the recovery room project improvements in mind for quite a long time because updating the layout was important for daily workflows and functionality. “One of the challenges was creating separation between the eight beds in the recovery room. It was only when one of our nurses met Silentia at an exhibition that we found the perfect solution with Silentia’s folding screens,” says Monica Everdam.

The screens are 4’9″ in height and 5’9″ long, which makes them tall enough for patients to sit up in the bed without being disturbed by people passing by and still gives the staff clear visibility of all patients in the recovery room. “The screens are easy to fold in when not in use and don’t take up space in the room, which makes the screens useful also in small rooms.”

Images of nature and vibrant colors

The walls in the recovery room are white, so our team suggested the idea of having images on the screens. The staff chose various images of water and beautiful scenes of nature as a theme.

The screens are designed with white panels on one side and image panels on the other side. The white screens are slightly translucent and allow the daylight to shine through the room, which makes the environment more pleasant and still provides complete privacy. The ward also chose a mobile bed end screen as a supplement for extra privacy at a patient’s bed end when needed.

Adjacent to the new recovery department, Aleris Ringsted has also set up a department for mammography screening and a gynecology consultation room equipped with a Silentia screen system.

A seamless process

“Jonas from Silentia has been good at following up, and it has been a pleasure to do business with him. An additional advantage is that the overall solution is so flexible that we can easily move the screens around into other areas when necessary,” adds Monica Everdam.

Aleris Ringsted has three high-tech operating rooms, 45 consultation rooms, and direct access to X-rays, MRI scans, and ultrasound scans.

With seven private hospitals nationwide, Aleris Hospitals is the largest supplier of private healthcare in Denmark and part of the Aleris Group, which is one of Scandinavia’s leading private healthcare companies. Aleris provides healthcare and diagnostic services in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Aleris has approximately 4,500 employees across more than 100 locations.

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