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Students embark on design project with Silentia

Emma Gunnarsson and Lisa Wihlborg, two students in their final year at Falkenberg Gymnasium School, were tasked with doing a final project as part of their study in technology with a focus on design and product development. For their project, they asked Silentia if they could collaborate to develop their own illustrations for a Silentia folding screen.

Leo Göranson, Product Design Engineer at Silentia, mentored the two students, taught them about the design processes, and guided them through the production of their own folding screen.

“We liked the idea and supported them in the process. As a company, we are in a position to show young students what exciting opportunities there are for future jobs,” says Göranson.

Original illustrations for privacy screen

Developing their unique design

Emma and Lisa wanted to develop a unique design for a folding screen aimed at children, who can have something nice to look at and be entertained by exploring the imagery. They initially produced sketches aimed at different age groups, with jungle, sea, forest, and animal themes. “But they didn’t work”, says Emma. “So, Leo recommended that we make three sketches from the best designs, and then work on designs that could suit children of all ages.”

Leo gave Emma and Lisa a crash course in Illustrator, which allowed them to digitize the designs. Once the final design was complete, it was printed on a full-size folding screen.

“It was really cool and great fun to see the finished result,” Lisa and Emma recall.

Learning from the process

When asked what they each learned from the project, both students reflected positively on the experience.

Lisa said, “It was very instructive to have a mentor like Leo. It gave structure to the process.”

Emma, while noting that it took time to learn Illustrator and would have been advantageous to know the program in advance, said, “We are grateful that we could use our creativity in a very concrete way and create a physical product. It has also been very interesting to experience what it means to be in a company and develop new products.”

Test, test, and test again

Lisa and Emma agree that the most rewarding part of the project was experiencing the whole process of studying the target group, testing, adapting, and testing again.

Their project submission was approved by the school, and the mobile folding screen featuring their design is now on display in the school’s technology room. It serves as an inspiration for anyone starting their technology studies and a reminder that design can be a challenging and rewarding process.

At Silentia, we take pride in our ability to consistently innovate and improve patient privacy through design. Similarly, we take pride in connecting to our local communities around the world. To learn more about this project, our design process, and embracing our identity as a global company with a local approach, connect with our team!

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