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Simplifying patient privacy with EasyCare design features

Cleaning a Silentia folding screen handle with a cloth

In the healthcare environment, caregivers need convenient and simple ways to deliver quality patient care. The Silentia screen system and its EasyCare features support this through a refreshingly innovative approach to patient privacy.

The Silentia screen system is a modular privacy solution made up of more than 4,000 different product combinations that can be customized to fit any patient care area. The system is designed with a patented suite of technical features, called EasyCare, that make it easy to use and easily adaptable to the changing needs of patient care.

The key features of EasyCare, comprising EasyClean™, EasyReturn™, and EasyClick™, are designed to improve cleanliness, efficiency, and flexibility. Let’s delve into each feature and explore how Silentia’s intentional design is revolutionizing patient privacy.

EasyClean™: Simplicity that elevates hygiene.

Cleaning is an essential but labor-intensive and costly task in the healthcare environment. EasyClean™ addresses this challenge by simplifying the process of keeping patient privacy clean and free of bacteria.

Due to the nature of the patient care area, any surface, including a privacy barrier, is subject to frequent handling and becomes quickly contaminated with germs. A number of studies have been conducted that prove this, including one that showed 92% of privacy curtains contaminated after one week of use.

With EasyClean™, Silentia’s privacy screens enable nurses to clean them in the room and more frequently, empowering teams to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. The screens feature hard surfaces and durable materials that can be wiped or washed clean with any common cleaning agents used on other surfaces around the room. Silentia screens are specifically designed to minimize areas that might trap dirt or other contaminants, which simplifies cleaning by eliminating the need for complex cleaning routines, equipment, or materials.

EasyReturn™: Effortless usability by design.

EasyReturn™ describes the hinge and handle technology built into Silentia’s folding and bed end screen solutions. These features are designed with a keen focus on user-friendly functionality when opening, closing, or adjusting a screen. It’s the smooth, effortless operation of Silentia screens that allows care teams to create privacy or space quickly and easily at a moment’s notice.

The reinforced, ergonomic handle is designed to provide one single point of contact with the screen that allows the user to easily open, close, or maneuver it with one hand. The hinges are designed to fold in one direction, ensuring that they open and close the correct way every time they are used. These features limit the amount of handling required to use them and helps reduces the spread of bacteria. In addition to promoting efficiencies, these features also help ensure a long performance life of the screens.

EasyClick™: Flexibility for high-quality care.

The EasyClick™ feature is Silentia’s solution for offering patient privacy that is flexible and versatile. EasyClick™ technology consists of a built-in retractable locking system that connects a screen to its mounting counterpart—a mobile trolley, wall mount, floor pole, or another screen. It offers endless possibilities for configuring the perfect custom privacy solution without lacking quality.

By simplifying how screens can be connected and installed, nurses or facilities teams have the freedom to adjust a setup to better align with their workflows. For example, a wall-mounted folding screen can be quickly removed and transferred to a trolley mount for instant mobile privacy. It means a screen solution is never obsolete, but rather can be adapted to a new solution or layout as requirements change over time.

Support for long-term sustainability

The EasyCare functions contribute to a long-term perspective on patient privacy and are part of the reason our products have a proven lifetime of more than 10 years. Learn about our eco design principles that guide our product development process and how it translates to more sustainable, long-term solutions for our customers.

Silentia’s EasyCare suite of features—EasyClean™, EasyReturn™, and EasyClick™—is redefining patient privacy. With the Silentia screens system, hospitals can progress beyond textile and disposable privacy with clean, efficient, and high-quality protection for their patients.

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