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Silentia featured by Klappir, ESG reporting partner

Silentia feature story Klappir ESG

Silentia is proud to be a featured success story by Klappir, our ESG reporting partner.

Klappir is a leading global sustainability software company, offering an advanced platform that empowers effective sustainability management. For Silentia, Klappir offers seamless engagement with sustainability data, enabling enhanced analysis, efficiency, and decision-making.

The feature story, entitled “Silentia’s Green Mission: Leading the Charge in Hospital Sustainability,” provides background on Silentia’s focus on sustainability and includes insights from Jonas Fribo-Søndergaard, Sustainability Specialist at Silentia. It details how our partnership with Klappir equips our team with the tools necessary to track important factors of our sustainability initiatives, make well-informed decisions, and measure our impact with precision.

“In collaboration with Klappir, Silentia’s sustainability initiatives have reached new possibilities, demonstrating the power of data-driven decision-making and a steadfast commitment to environmental focus.”

Read the full article, visit Klappir’s news page, and learn more about the organization’s mission.

To learn more about Silentia’s commitment to providing more resource-efficient patient privacy solutions, visit our Sustainability page, read a blog post about our work, or contact us for more information.

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