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Clinic goes curtain-free to improve patient safety and experience

Clinic goes curtain-free to improve patient safety and experience

H. C. Andersen Clinic in Odense, Denmark, a small eight-bed hospital named after the famous author Hans Christian Andersen, has eliminated curtains as a privacy measure between patients.

The private hospital, which offers cosmetic plastic surgery, nose surgery, and eye surgery, uses Silentia folding privacy screens to ensure proper separation and hygienic protection between patients. Recently, they purchased additional screens to be utilized at the bedside.

“We use Silentia’s folding screens to screen between the patients. In one bedroom the beds are not in a row, so here we have chosen a large, double mobile screen that ensures good shielding for the patients,” says Alan Kimper-Karl, Director and Partner.

Folding screens are more practical and hygienic

“We previously had curtains as a screen, but they were quickly replaced in favor of folding screens. They are both practical and much more hygienic, which is something our nurses value very highly,” says Kimper-Karl.

As a supplement to the new screens, the hospital has included mobile bed end screens for additional privacy. They are easy to relocate when additional screening is needed in the other bedrooms or elsewhere.

“We learned about Silentia privacy screens from other clinics in the area. We have only had good experiences with them. They are both aesthetic and very functional. Furthermore, they serve as a long-term solution.”

Why replace curtains with privacy screens?

Curtain costs have a large impact your operating budget every year. Silentia folding privacy screens, on the other hand, are an investment that lasts at least 10 years and minimizes the amount of resources required to be cleaned over that time. Unlike curtains, our privacy screens can be cleaned instantly in place every day and after every patient.

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