Privacy solutions for physical therapy: Optimizing space with flexible privacy

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Physical therapy is a facet of healthcare focused on helping patients alleviate pain and enhance their ability to function, move, and live. Physical therapy departments and clinics typically require large open areas for treating patients, which can be challenging environments for maintaining privacy.

The Silentia screen system provides ideal solutions that can strike a perfect balance between creating space, providing privacy for patients, and giving staff the flexibility to adjust to the changing needs of their patients.

Understanding physical therapy care

There are many types of physical therapy, each with delivery and policies tailored to address particular areas or functions of the body, or patient groups.

Common types of physical therapy include:

    • Orthopedic PT for musculoskeletal issues
    • Neurological PT for neurological disorders
    • Sports PT for athletic injuries
    • Pediatric PT for children
    • Geriatric PT for the elderly
    • Cardiovascular and Pulmonary PT for heart and lung conditions
    • Women’s Health PT addressing women-specific concerns
    • Vestibular and Balance Therapy for equilibrium issues

Each type of physical therapy services may be delivered in a hospital or other setting, including outpatient clinics, sports medicine centers, private medical offices, nursing homes, assisted living homes, and rehabilitation centers, providing accessible care across different healthcare landscapes.

Overcoming the challenges of traditional privacy options

Regardless of the type or location, paramount to physical therapy care is providing comfortable and secure conditions for treatment and rehabilitation. Traditional privacy options, such as textile or disposable curtains or vinyl dividers harbor bacteria and are costly to wash or replace. Glass or plastic privacy options can pose unnecessary risks in the PT space, where patients or equipment could bump or break them.

The innovative design of the Silentia screen system contributes to a safe patient environment. The modular design allows screens to be expanded, contracted, moved, or combined to create optimal space for patients. Silentia screens feature hard, durable surfaces that can be wiped clean to reduce the spread of germs and withstand being handled frequently, bumped, knocked, or otherwise interacted with.

Physical therapy privacy screen projects

In this post, we’re showcasing some of the best examples of the Silentia screen system at work in the physical therapy environment. See how our clean approach to patient privacy is revolutionizing PT care and get inspired to explore solutions for your department or clinic!




An outpatient PT clinic in Central PA uses mobile folding screens between patient examination beds and equipment.

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The 9-panel mobile folding screens offer extensive coverage, while the “daylight” tops allow light into patient spaces.

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An outpatient clinic in San Francisco uses a long 11-panel wall-mounted folding screen for privacy around an evaluation area and for patients who require interpreter services.

In addition, the clinic uses four mobile folding screens with the matching Birch design for privacy elsewhere around the space.

Physical Therapy cliic NorCal




A physical therapy clinic in Florida uses a combination of mobile folding screens that open to provide privacy for patients using equipment or receiving treatment.

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Physical Therapy FL 1




Mobile folding screens offer privacy when needed but can be folded and rolled out of the way to create a more open feel throughout the space.

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Physical Therapy FL 2




In Wisconsin, an outpatient physical therapy clinic uses a series of wall-mounted folding screens between examination tables located on two walls within the clinic.

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The white, daylight-top panel design and minimal footprint contribute to the clean aesthetic of the space.

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A newly constructed occupational therapy department in New York City uses mobile-double folding screens for maximum privacy that can accommodate lifts.

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Eliminating textile curtains creates a more patient-oriented environment by improving safety and decreasing the risk of healthcare-associated infections.

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The presence of lifts necessitates a privacy solution that gives ample height clearance and does not need to be hung or attached to the ceiling.

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Connect and create!

The Silentia screen system is the only privacy solution that contributes to safe and comfortable patient care. Easy-to-clean, easy-to-use privacy screens empower healthcare teams to create spaces that are flexible to accommodate patients while also protecting their privacy.

Want to learn more about these projects or design your own privacy solution for physical therapy? Connect with us!

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