Fixed screens for patient wards

The new fixed Silentia screen is designed for easy combination with folding screens

Fixed screens are now available for use on patient wards where there is a need for permanent screening.

Silentia has been supplying folding screens to the health sector since the start of 1989, and its products can now be found all over the world. Production and development of new products are based in Sweden. The ambition behind the development process has always been to create products that are easy to use, easy to install, easy to clean and can easily be combined with each other. Now a range of fixed screens has been added to the system.

Fixed screens can be used wherever there is a need for more permanent screening. They are mounted between a wall and a floor pole, or between two floor poles if they need to be installed away from a wall.

Fixed screens can be used alone, in combination with other fixed screens, or with folding screens. This makes it possible to create a room within a room, such as a changing area. The fixed screens are available in heights of 1.45 and 1.85 m, and in lengths of 1.3 and 2.4 m. Screens of different heights and colours can be combined if desired.

In conjunction with the introduction of fixed screens, the design of the floor poles that were previously supplied with folding screens has also been modified. The new pole is made from aluminium, and the foot of the pole has a hard plastic cover that is easy to keep clean. The pole is available with mounting points for up to four screens and is secured to the floor with screws.

The foot of the new pole is covered with a rigid plastic cap that is easy to keep clean. • Up to four screens can easily be attached and detached from the new pole using the EasyClick system.

Extension screen

Another new product is an extension screen for use with folding screens. This has two main applications. Where space is tight it can be difficult to find space for both a bedside table and a folded wall-mounted screen. An extension screen can be used here to move the folding screen a short distance from the wall even when it is folded. The extension screen can also be used to make a screen that is longer than 3.75 m, which is the longest folding screen.

An extension screen frees up more space for a bedside table.

An extension screen also allows you to create screens that are longer than 3.75 m.

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