Screen extension

Screen extension

Move a folding screen’s mounting point further away from the wall or make room for a bedside table. A screen extension can be used independently as a divider by a desk or between chairs.


The EasyClick function lets you connect an additional screen or easily remove the screen extension when not in use.


Keep it Clean

Infection control is more important than ever. The environment around patients must be simple to disinfect – fast, easy, and safe.

Infection control

Move and combine

Our screens are part of a practical system where they can be easily combined for full flexibility in all care settings. Screen extensions are available in four lengths and three heights.

Move and combine

Easy design

Explore our product designs and various heights, lengths, and combinations to find your optimal solution.


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Easy installation

Our screens are part of a complete system that can be combined, connected, and installed.


Service and maintenance

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Long-term value

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