New wheels for folding mobile screens

Trolley, and trolley fitted with folding screen.

Silentia’s folding screens now have redesigned wheels that are smaller, have no legs to trip over, and have a cover that makes the wheel unit easy to clean.

Folding screen on trolley

Silentia’s folding screens have been on the market since 1989 and have been continuously developed to the point where they now offer a complete system for use in hospitals and clinics around the world. Silentia’s folding screens are available in two standard heights and in many different lengths and colours. Normally the folding screen is mounted on a wall, but Silentia has also developed a trolley that enables screens to be used freestanding wherever desired. When mounted on a trolley they are easy to move wherever a screen is required. The trolleys are made with a spine section in the same colour as the screens, and can be used to create screens up to 3.25 m in length.

When the trolley is moved, the screen is held closed by an elastic tie.

New wheel unit

The wheel unit on the trolley was completely redesigned and remodelled in autumn 2010, when an ingenious, patented solution for repositioning the weights made it possible to reduce the size of the wheel unit. This is important, as equipment that stands on the floor has to take up a minimum of space. The redesigned wheel unit also made it possible to eliminate legs that can easily cause a trip hazard. A cover over the wheel unit creates a streamlined design that is easy to keep clean.

Two alternative models of mobile end screen. The width of the extended screen is 1.5 m or 2.0 m.

Mobile end screen

End screens are mobile screens that provide effective screening for the ends of beds, doorways or changing areas.

Originally only available in one size, with a height of 1.55 m and width of 1.5 m, end screens can now be supplied in three new sizes, with a height of 1.55 or 1.85 m and a width of 1.5 or 2.0 m. The wider 2.0 m screen has lockable support wheels.

The end screens also have a new wheel unit. This is similar to the wheel unit for folding screens and has larger, smoother-running wheels and is easier to keep clean.

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