Silentia Screen System, new colours and laminates

Silentia folding screen with Print Collection laminate.

Imagination on screen

For more than 20 years Silentia has been producing and refining its range of hygienic and easy-to-use patient screens for healthcare. Production and development are based in Sweden and the company’s screens are supplied from the factory to many parts of the world.

Silentia’s screen system offers a wide range of choices for different applications. Screens are available in a variety of lengths and heights, and with many different mounting options. There are also numerous options regarding the appearance and finish. In addition to a choice of 10 standard colours, Silentia now also offers its Print Collection of printed motifs on a white background. The Print Collection motifs have been chosen to inspire the imagination of children and give them something enjoyable to think about, to make their stay in hospital more enjoyable. Another recent addition is Daylight, which has a matt/frosted appearance and lets daylight through without compromising patient privacy. The Daylight panels are impact-resistant and can be washed down with water. Standard colours are available in single-colour laminate (White, Forest, Ocean, Savannah and Tropical), wood pattern (Birch and Walnut) and other patterns (Papyrus, Lime and Mandarin).

Silentia folding screen range of laminates and colours.

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