Our commitment to resource-efficient privacy and sustainable healthcare [Video]

Silentia global headquarters in Falkenberg, Sweden

As our planet experiences unprecedented shifts in climate patterns, the healthcare sector faces unique challenges in adapting to and mitigating the consequences of these changes. For hospitals, working with sustainability is a twofold challenge, as the industry is a major contributor to issues of waste and consumption.

As resource efficiency becomes a critical focus of the healthcare industry, Silentia remains committed to supporting hospitals with future-proof patient privacy.


The challenge of sustainability in healthcare

According to recent studies, US hospitals generate over 29 pounds of waste per bed per day (Practice Greenhealth, 2023), reaching a total of 7000 tons of solid waste per day nationally (STATnews, 2018). Globally, in many countries around the world, health systems account for 5%-10% of carbon emissions.

“There has been a perception in the sector that green initiatives are costly, but you’re choosing to eliminate waste, and waste is usually associated with cost,” says Matthew Meyer, University of Virginia (Bloomberg, 2022).

Considering the environmental impact of waste from the healthcare sector, hospitals must adopt a proactive approach to mitigate the effects. There are two key factors toward a more sustainable future: energy conservation and conscientious use of materials. By reducing energy and material resources and ongoing costs to use and upkeep them, hospitals will see key environmental and financial advantages.

This calls for innovative and proven products designed to advance the transition from short-termism to long-term solutions. This is at the core of ensuring a more resilient healthcare system.

Supporting sustainable healthcare through resource-efficiency

At Silentia, we welcome the increased attentiveness towards climate-friendly products and initiatives. For more than 30 years, Silentia has been committed to supplying hospitals with future-proof patient privacy.

For many of our customers, the emphasis has been, and still is, to replace privacy curtains to improve hygiene and prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). However, our customers are also seeing the environmental benefits of replacing curtains, which require significant resources and yield significant waste during their use phase.

Silentia screens have a proven lifetime of more than 10 years, eliminating the ongoing logistics, labor, and recurrent waste associated with exchanging and laundering curtains over that time. Thus, as we reaffirm our commitment to resource-efficient solutions and continue to improve the quality and lifetime of our screen system, our customers’ total cost of ownership will continue to decrease, and environmental benefits will continue to increase.

To achieve this, we have established five eco-design principles, which solidify our commitment to and accountability for products that will support resource efficiency and our customers’ sustainability efforts.

Hygiene: Design that optimizes infection prevention and control.

Safety: Stable, reliable, and user-friendly products.

Durability: Products built to last with a proven lifetime of 10+ years.

Reusability: Products with modular, compatible design, able to be reinstalled.

Repairability: Minimal design and materials that allow for easy maintenance locally.

Going forward, we will share more cases where our screen system has helped hospitals and clinics around the world improve their resource efficiency and provide better care. Moreover, as a company, we will move forward with an increased focus on ESG reporting and collaboration with our suppliers. Stay tuned for more!

Want to know more about our commitment to a more sustainable future of healthcare? Check out these resources:

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Connect with our team or directly with our sustainability specialist, Jonas Fribo, at jonas@silentia.se.

Silentia featured in Infection Prevention & Control Update

Silentia featured in Infection Prevention & Control Update

Silentia is proud to be featured in the June issue of the Infection Prevention & Control Update publication.

Infection Prevention & Control Update is a quarterly publication that highlights the current trends and developments in infection prevention and control research and policy, to help healthcare workers stay informed and protected from the latest infectious diseases.

The article, entitled Dodging The Issue – Curtains And Our National Healthcare Cleanliness Standards, discusses “curtains as a significant source of contamination,” the oversight of this risk by governing bodies and standards, and that Silentia screens can assist in breaking the cycle of cross-contamination with products that improve cleanliness and efficiency.

Download the June issue or visit Infection Prevention & Control Update to keep up with news about current diseases and progressive research about infection prevention.

To learn more about how Silentia can help you change cleanliness standards by reducing the risk of contamination in your facility, check out our Infection Control page or contact us.

Introducing the new EasyScreenDesign™

EasyScreenDesign on ipad

As a leader in patient privacy, Silentia continues to innovate patient privacy and strives to make it easy for healthcare teams to achieve safer and more dignified care for their patients. EasyScreenDesign is Silentia’s proprietary design configurator that makes it easy to create and customize your own privacy screen.

EasyScreenDesign is one of our most important tools for supporting those seeking better privacy alternatives. It gives you the power to design a patient privacy solution suited to your specific privacy, hygiene, and design preferences or requirements.

Healthcare teams face many challenges around providing safety for patients while keeping up with changes in the care environments. That’s why we created EasyScreenDesign with the user in mind. Whether you work directly with patients as a nurse or department manager or are part of a design or architecture team developing new patient areas, our intuitive platform makes it easy for anyone, with or without technical expertise, to explore the entire Silentia screen system and customizations.

We are excited to introduce an updated version of EasyScreenDesign—EasyScreenDesign 3.0!

With a handful of new features, including an improved layout, navigation, design options, and capabilities, EasyScreenDesign 3.0 makes it easier than ever to create your design and do more with it. Below we explore some of the key changes and new features!

EasyScreenDesign new layout map

A new, cleaner layout

An updated layout, a new comprehensive menu, and new features make EasyScreenDesign more intuitive and easier than ever to explore products and design your screen. Follow the guide above to find features in their new locations.

    • Yellow: Product menu
    • Purple: Favorite, fold/unfold, and measurements buttons
    • Blue: Fullscreen toggle button
    • Green: Share and contact buttons


Access to BIMobject/3D design files

BIM/3D design files are important assets used in architecture and construction to ensure the accuracy of and facilitate seamless integration of our products into project models. With just a click, users are directed to our extensive library of Revit files found on BIMobject.

EasyScreenDesign info tab screenshot

Information at your fingertips

The new EasyScreenDesign makes it easy to understand all the design options. Use the ⓘ symbol to see complete product descriptions, detailed images, sizes, recommendations, and more.

EasyScreenDesign mobile devices

A mobile-friendly experience

With a growing number of EasyScreenDesign users coming from mobile devices, the updated version features the same design capabilities as the desktop version on a phone or tablet.


EasyScreenDesign makes privacy…well, easy!

Need some inspiration? Visit our EasyScreenDesign page for a curated collection of premade screen and combination designs that are sure to spark your creativity and help you get started. Simply click on the images to view that design in the configurator.

Love your design? Submit it directly to us for a free quote and one of our team members will connect with you. Start designing now!